Gharxis Prime




CLASS: Mining World

SUBSECTOR: Drusus Marches

YEARS AND DAYS: Gharxis Prime takes 504 Terran days to orbit its star and completes a planetary rotation every 44 Terran hours.

SATELLITES: Gharxis is orbited by two satellites the largest moon is refered to as Tartaros and has a small base that controls orbital defenses and sensor nets, the other is called Sheol and is largerly unexplored and considered an ill omen to the locals.

POPULATION: offically: 1,000,000,000 (Est. as it has been impossible to gain an accurate census of the desert Nomads. (Frekyn)


PLANETARY GOVERNER:* Lord Garuds Sax. Head of the Largest of the great families. He is renowed to be very intelligent and utterly ruthless at suppressing any discontent or political opponents.

RELIGION: Due to its status as an ex-ministurm fife world the people are deeply relgious with a number of festivals and holy days observed.

CLIMATE: The planet is known for its gales and dust storms that sweep the planet regularly, the larger storms are more than capable of flaying flesh from unprotected bodies and damaging or burying smaller vehicles.

NATIVE FLORA AND FAUNA: Due to the nature of the world there is little indigenous life on the surface however life has adapted to live in the large sand seas. These include plant life (Such as the Gharixian tubar. A large plant that grows in the sand seas, it is mostly a series of storage chambers and fine fins that extract nutriments and moisture from the air, it is also the primary foodstuff on the planet.) Sand whales (Large herbivores that move in groups) and the Sand hunter (100m long predators that hunt by sound vibration)

ECONOMY: The Major economic pastime is the exaction of various valuable metals from the Sand seas

SOCIETY: The people of Gharixs live in large city states that consistently compete to mine the largest amount of materials. Within the cities there is a sharp divide between the Nobility who own the mineral rights and the larger part of the populace who work the machinery.

PRINCIPLE EXPORTS: Various metals (Including rare alloys used in manufacture of reactor shielding and plasma furnaces.)

PRINCIPLE IMPORTS: Foodstuffs and water

CONFLICTS: The city states regularly wage highly ritualized wars against one another for mining rights, there are also constant raids by the Frekyn against the city states.

DEFENCES: Heavy Orbital defenses, on the planet its self each city state is expected to raise its own troops and put them at the disposal of the planetary governor as needed.


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